TrakRyder 4WD

So you love your four wheel drive and you want it to perform and not create any problems when you go on the big trip. The extra fuel tank has been fitted, so you can travel greater distances between fuel stops. A heavy duty hitch has been fitted, so you can tow the camper van and you have had the back of the wagon fitted out with a set of storage draws to keep all your supplies neat and tidy.

But you did not forget the front, as you have fitted a bull bar and winch. Now you are ready to go forth and explore the fantastic outback of Australia.

But, as you are standing beside the car, you notice that it is a bit lower than it was before you started fitting all the accessories, why, that’s easy. The vehicle has lost ride height because of all extra weight that has been added to the car and don’t forget, it’s going to go down lower when you pack the car (provisions), fill it up with fuel (extra fuel tank) and then you hook up the camper (at least 90kgs on the tow bar).

PEDDERS Suspension have a solution, we have suspension kits that are tailored for your requirements, for ride comfort, load carrying and ground clearance. PEDDERS TrakRyder Suspension Systems can be tailored to suit your needs. It is a proven product that will take the riggers of outback travel as well as supplying a suitable ride for suburban driving.

But just before you go, have you given any thought to the wheel alignment of your 4×4 vehicle?

You want to obtain maximum service out of the expensive new tyres that have been fitted to your car and one of the ways is to have PEDDERS Suspension expert technicians perform a car wheel alignment.

There is no such thing as a two wheel alignment in this modern age. All the current generation machines are designed to perform a wheel alignment encompassing all four road wheels.

As the suspension ride changes, some of the wheel alignment geometry angles will alter and in some cases there is a requirement for the addition of after market wheel alignment product. PEDDERS Suspension have a large range of wheel alignment enhancing products, such as eccentric bushes, adjustable drag links, adjustable pan hard bars, eccentric front pivot bearing kits and much more.

Wheel alignment and balance are very important. If your vehicle has not had a wheel alignment in the past 12 months, it is way over due. It is the same as servicing your car, if it not done regularly, you could be compromising the safety of your car, in the way of, wearing the tyres, driving stability and responsiveness. So, if there has been repairs, modifications or you have not had it done for a long time, now is the time.