Load Carrying Brakes

Pedders Heavy Duty Coil Springs

Pedders heavy duty replacement coil springs improve the Load Carrying ability while maintaining high levels of comfort and control. We offer a range of EXTRA HEAVY DUTY replacement coil springs for the heaviest loads and “raised” height coils for extra ground clearance, or to compensate for the loss of ride height when Load Carrying larger trailer loads.

Pedders heavy duty replacement coil springs

Pedders Leaf Spring Packs

Pedders Suspension has a variety of replacement leaf spring packs for a wide range of 4WD & 2WD vehicles designed specifically for Load Carrying applications. Pedders replacement leaf spring packs are durable whilst providing improved vehicle control and stability due to the fact that they feature redesigned spring rates.

A number of these packs have a 2 stage design which provides a comfortable ride when un-laden whilst minimising height loss when load is applied.

Pedders offer full replacement TrakRyder leaf spring packs that feature inter-leaf friction pads and metal eye sleeves to minimise binding or noise. They are constructed from only the highest grade steels for the most durable performance.

Pedders leaf spring packs

Pedders Torsion Bars

All torsion bars may look much the same, but because they perform exactly the same function as coil and leaf springs, they must also be rated to match the total suspension system and the weight of the vehicle. Pedders Trak Ryder torsion bars are made to a larger diameter than most original bars, providing a stronger rate for greater control, stability and improved load carrying ability. Pedders’ Trak Ryder torsion bars are heavy-duty replacement units that provide a permanent upgrade for the front suspension.

Pedders torsion bars