Load Carrying Brakes

Pedders Suspension Bushes

Suspension bushes are essential car components, increasing the safety of the load carrying process and, at the same time, allowing the driver to enjoy a smoother, more comfortable and enjoyable ride. If suspension bushes didn’t contribute to the appropriate alignment between the suspension and steering system, handling would be dramatically affected. All but the hardest bushes also help absorb road shocks and enhance comfort, while (NVH) others are meant to lower noise and vibration levels.

As such, bushes must always be maintained in optimum condition.  If old bushes are not replaced in due time, steering, handling and braking issues may appear.

To perform its intended role, a bush must be able to compress, but to a precise degree, and then return to its original position. If a bush is too hard, too soft, or damaged in any way, the ride, handling and safety of a vehicle is compromised.

The most common materials used in the manufacturing of car suspension bushes are: urethane, rubber and synthetic rubber. Each type is chosen for a particular application based on a number of characteristics, including its general performance, feel and response characteristics, noise and durability. By upgrading original suspension bushes to superior aftermarket units like those designed for specific purposes like load carrying, a vehicle’s general handling or its ability to perform in load carrying conditions can be dramatically improved.